A tool for testing electronic clinical quality measures

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streamlined and efficient

pretesting for eCQMs

developer empowerment

provides specific feedback on the behavior of the CQM logic


supports the CMS Quality Reporting Programs

Bonnie is a tool for testing electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) designed to support streamlined and efficient pre-testing of eCQMs, particularly those used in the CMS Quality Reporting Programs.

Current Version 5.1.5

The version 5.1.5 release of Bonnie adds support for testing measures using CQL 1.5 and the QDM 5.6 model

Capabilities v5.1.5

  • Composite Measure Support
  • Hybrid Measure Support
  • Display CQL Definition Results
  • VSAC Profile and Release Selection
  • Custom Measurement Period
  • Bonnie API
  • CQL 1.5 Support
  • QDM 5.6 Model Support

This version of Bonnie supports CQL 1.5, QDM 5.6 Based measures.
For CQL 1.4, QDM 5.5 Based measures, please use Bonnie-Prior.